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Vinyl Solution
September 27, 2008

I’ve gone over 10 years without a turntable and it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t even look through vinyl at record shops. Then, to my surprise, Hannah comes home last night with flowers, a card, deviled eggs (my fave) and a surprise for me: She ordered me a new turntable online! And it’s one of those portable ones so i can play it anywhere! So i went out to Record Surplus (in West LA) and picked up some records that had been missing from my collection (Like Harry Nilsson’s “Harry”).

I’ve been looking into a 12-string electric guitar, which is something I’ve never owned but certainly something I can use. I’ve been messing around with some ideas and I think I might want to cut some demos with a 12-string electric. And how fun they are! For now though i think I’ll just be borrowing one…

Again, a huge thanks to those of you that have gone on amazon.com to purchase the Best Of. It is worth mentioning that it was pressed in limited quantity and shant be re-pressed. It’s been remastered by Bill Inglot and has great artwork courtesy of the Chapple Design company (Dave & Natalie Chapple), as well as hip Pop Coulture/ Music journalist, Dan Epstein, contributing liner notes. Thanks also to anyone who leaves a review, as every little bit helps.

Spoke to My Echols the other day, which is always pleasant and he’s always a pleasand guy and always makes me laugh. Johnny has been working on Gethsemene non-stop over the last few years so I think I’m with everyone else on this, that I look forward to hearing it, especially live (hint hint, Johnny,…i got amps and guitars at my house!)

Well, I have to bounce…everyone, be well.

Mike Randle

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