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La Should Not Rain
April 5, 2008

So it’s not supposed to rain and it rains and when it’s supposed to rain, it doesn’t. Tough to plan anything. In this City. But when the sun is out, man, you’d think it was summer. The girls think it’s summer, by the way they dress. But I wouldn’t know. That’s because I am married. Happily. (No, the wife isn’t peeping over my shoulder…)

So, we’re sat here watching Rock The Cradle, which is a show about rock star’s kids competing against one another for record contracts. I guess being a famous person’s kid doesn’t even cut it anymore; you actually gotta practice and compete. Dang, yall.

Hannah’s mum is visiting from the UK and so we went for Mexican food tonight (Gilbert’s), which was great. Had a couple of margaritas.

Been playing loads of guitar and writing songs for a new Baby Lemonade record. Yay!

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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