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Uk Fall Tour Rolls On
April 12, 2008

Well, the UK dates have been confirmed for a Baby Lemonade fall tour and we are really excited to come out and play again. This time out, we are doing a 2 hour show (probably with a 15 min break in between) playing Baby Lemonade and Love songs. We’d received some inquiries last year as well but wanted to make sure that everyone was ok with this and that we had the support of friends, fans, family, as well as Diane Lee’s encouragement, which meant everything. Diane and Liz have always been kind and supportive to us and we take it very seriously to come out and play , not only our own music but also the music that we’ve played hundreds of nights over; the amazing music of Arthur Lee and Love.

Arthur used to watch us at soundcheck and would rarely get up and sing with us. He would say later that he ‘loved hearing his music played like that’, which we took as the ultimate compliment. More than anything, Arthur (and Johnny) knew music like nobody’s business. I learned how to perform in front of people thanks to Arthur. See, he wasn’t always the ‘go getter’ on stage people know him as. He used to get shy on stage. Then he said he found someone each night, in his mind, to dedicate the show to and that’s who he sang and performed for. No matter he never met the person or maybe they didn’t even exist. He always ‘brought’ it, night in, night out. Pain or no pain.

So we are absolutely honored and blessed to not only be able to perform in the places we know and love so well but also the people who we consider like family, to, in some way, carry that spirit and return it to where it always belonged; in the U.K. We hope to bring people into Baby Lemonade while also paying tribute to the finest group ever. One of my/our dreams is to see Arthur & Love inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, they don’t just hand them out. There is lobbying and press and whatnot. Hopefully, we perform to such a level that we, in some part, also help bring Love’s music back to the forefront and back into the rock vinacular and watch, as Los Angeles’ favorite sons take their rightful place in the RRHOF. To see Michael Stuart-Ware, Johnny, Fleckenstein, Snoop and whoever else they can find, to see them get that I KNOW would make Arthur proud. Cause, as he’d say, “I’m just a country boy!”

So, and thus is all begins…again. We hope for and appreciate everyone’s support to make this one of the most fun, memorable and cherished celebrations of music.

Thanks you, we miss you and hope to see you in October.

Mike Randle

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