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Lazy Afternoon
February 23, 2008

So, it’s Saturday, Feb 23, and I’m at the computer for a quiet moment (rare) to sit and type. My nearly 9-year old son, Julian, has been visiting us and it’s been great. So it’s kind of early right now and Hannah’s asleep in the other room and Julian’s in the living room playing Mario Brothers on Nintendo. I’m typing away while I have the chance. I’m still knackered, as I was up playing guitar really late last night with headphones on. Just been practicing and it’s been great, as I think I ma a better guitarist now than I ever was. I work in a guitar shop so I can play any guitar I want any time I want, which is nice!

My routine at home is kind of strange in that Hannah makes me watch Sex And The City reruns from 11pm to Midnight on TBS, then we have to turn to channel 5 to watch another one from Midnight to 12:30am. That S.A.T.C. Movie can’t come fast enough…

We had some rain the last few days but today appears to be sunny and quite gorgeous. I can not remember a winter lasting so long in LA, just so much cold weather for such long periods of time. Our homes here are not built for cold breezes. The artic chill comes right through my doors and makes our place cold and then we need the heater and sweaters. I don’t like that one bit. I want 80F days with girls rollerskating on Venice Beach in Bikinis. That’s what the good lord meant when he made L.A.

Dave Chapple stopped by the guitar shop thursday and it was nice to see him on my side of town (i’m usually on his side for rehearsal). L.A. is not like NYC or London. Everything here is FAR apart. Chapple was looking at a cool Baritone guitar. I am really getting into Baritone Guitars myself. I spoke to Daddyo the other day, as his son, Nevin, just turned 2! And Dave Chapple’s daughter, Stella, just turned 3, so everyone’s getting bigger, although L.A.’s getting colder.

Had a nice lunch with Diane Lee a couple weeks back and she was telling me about some cool stuff she’s working on for her site, as well as a cool boxed set Rhino is working on. It’s a 3 or 4 disc Forever Changes box which I can’t wait to have in my possession.

Ok well, I must run now….as i keep saying, I want to try to do these diaries more frequently. i do have loads to write but i have to wait till the time is right to post some things.

ok, on that note…

Mike Randle

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