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Skankin To The Beat
May 6, 2008

Spent the weekend in Solana Beach playing a couple of shows with the English Beat (it’s on YouTube already, fer cryin out loud!) and it was GREAT to see long-time Love fan Cheryl drive up from the O.C. with her cousin to have some fun. The Friday show was fun but to me, the Saturday show was WAY better. it was a good time but there was a scare at one point; two drunk chicks jumped on stage and started dancing…and then they started a low budget on stage- bump n’ grind with me but that lasted only a few seconds. The other band guys started laughing, knowing the trouble and strife was in the audience! But of course, if you know Han you know she KNOWS I’m only hers! So I kept playing and politely laughed and one of the gals acknowledged my wedding ring and you see, they were just having fun anyways.

Been working on the Love catalog thinking, how am I going to approach playing these songs? The man, Arthur Lee, isn’t going to be up there. What am I going to do and how am I going to do it? I can’t just play the licks I did last time. I have to take it farther than I ever thought possible. I may need to LEARN the “She Comes In Colors” flute part. I may need to learn loads of stuff.

it is going to be hard work but so very fun. And I always have Arthur in my thoughts; “Play it LIKE the record, or play it BETTER than the record….

Mike Randle

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