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“Love Story Film June 29 At Egyptian Theatre!”
April 30, 2008

Well, had a long but good conversation with an old buddy who let me know that The Egyptian Theatre is bringing Chris Hall’s Love Story to Hollywood, June 29. If you did not catch it at the LA FILM FESTIVAL last year I suggest you buy tickets NOW. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and it was great seeing Arthur and everyone else from Love in such a cool film. It’s too bad there wasn’t any Don Conca. Don was ‘the man’ and anyone who knew him knew he was 100% for real. We always wanted to take him with us on the road but he turned every invitation down. Either he was too nervous to fly or his passport had expired or he wasn’t up to it. But us and Arthur (especially Gene Kraut) tried to talk ol Don into goin on tour, if only to hang out. But he wasn’t having it. Both Don and Arthur were proud people. Johnny Echols is the same way, sort of this ‘southern gentleman’ thing.

I went out tonight with Rusty, his wife Lucy, our pal Cookiehead and his wife Cynthia. A really good band that we’re pals with, HELLO STRANGER, played at AIR CONDITIONED (in Venice) and David Hasselhoff and Sal Maseskala (“E” Channel’s ‘Daily 10’) were hanging out so Lucy and myself kept texting her to rub it in (she stayed home to watch American Idol). We had a bar tab running but i only had 2 Pilsners.

I also had to take my car and get it fully looked over, which meant FULL SERVICE and my tank was on “E” so you can only imagine my face when i got the bill from the gas station. People are already referring to the 90’s as “The good ol days” and some think gas (at least in California) will never, ever dip below $3/gal. again (it’s now about $4/gal. in Santa Monica)

I’m sunburned from a very hot weekend where LA was 95F+ and Hannah shopped for like 3 hours straight while i watched the Dodgers at Hooters. But I think i’ll make it, somehow…

Mike Randle

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