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The Return Of Irish Barry
May 17, 2008

Well, it had to happen one and i suppose that day is approaching us. That’s the day when I just throw in the towel and not worry. See, Irish Barry is coming out to Glasgow, where chances are, Scottish Keith will be. So, take Baby Lemonade playing our music and Love’s music, in Scotland, with both those guys there. And then also throw in Keith’s mate, Scots Paul B. THEN throw booze in the mix. Now place yourself in the lobby of a hotel at 2am with these guys and I dare you not to hide your face in shame. You find yourself scooting your chair further and further away so when the cops come they don’t arrest you, thinking your part of the racket going on. That’s how it went down in Italy!

But all kidding aside, it’s gonna be so awesome to see all of you again and, fingers crossed but next year we would love to drag Mr. Echols (and a surprise guest) back to the UK for a few select and very cool performances. Barry’s a great guy and when he’s in LA we always close the pub down and inevitably we wind up in my living room at 3am with a very drunk Barry playing my guitar and forcing me to record whatever it is he’s doing so he won’t forget it! Then, a month later, he’ll email me and say, “Did we record me playing guitar? Can you send me that?” And i never can find it! Sorry Barry!

But now the old boy is settling down with his long time steady but is still making time to come out and have some fun with us while we reminise about Arthur and the days of yore.

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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