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August 28, 2008

Now that Dave Chapple has the BL website up and officially running, we’ve been getting loads of emails from friends everywhere saying how much they dig it and how they can’t wait to see the shows.

To our pals in Ohio, Toronto, NJ, NY, North Carolina, Philly and Boston, Love with Arthur Lee always did well in your neck of the woods and we are working on (hopefully) putting something great together for the spring 2009.

The Best Of Baby Lemonade CD will be available at the Temple Bar show, on September 16th! It sounds fantastic, mastered by Bill Inglot (who mastered The Forever Changes re-issues), looks fantastic (designed by Chapple Design) and with liner notes by respected music journalist and pop culture writer, Dan Epstein.

Besides working at the Guitar Shop and rehearsals and practicing guitar, I have been catching up on the episodes from SKINS season one. It’s my new fave show and it comes on over here on Friday nights (10pm) on BBC America! I doubt i’ll be able to catch any episodes in the UK, as we’ll be playing every single night. And loving it! And we not only expect to be back to the UK in 2009, but hope to comeback with a few ‘special guests’.

And, again, my apologies to those of you that have been waiting on the next batch of HTO pedals (we now have some audio clips on the site! www.hfxpedals.com), as we’ve been out of stock and are waiting for the next batch to come in, hopefully in the next week.

Well, I must be going. I need to get my pedalboard and guitar and stuff ready for rehearsals tonight. TTFN!

Mike Randle

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