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Long Crazy Week
August 21, 2008

Ever feel like you just need to come up for air? That’s the kind of week it’s been. So many deadlines, so many important things, so much to do, so little time. Dave Chapple has stayed up late every night with his Cocoa working on the awesome graphics that will soon be the Booklet and CD of Baby Lemonade’s BEST OF. Trust me, it was a LOT of work and God bless Bill Inglot and David Shultz for doing a heck of a job in taking the original master tapes from our stuff and taking it to the next level.

Our next rehearsal is Friday and I’ve been working hard on my parts and wow it is so fun to be in the swing again, after so long, and play such fun music with absolutely cool and creative guitar parts and vocal parts. Rusty is getting his parts down and Chapple and I are working out our parts on vocals and guitar/bass and Malcolm Cross is getting his drums parts down solid. These shows are going to be really fun and memorable. It certainly won’t be the same without Arthur on-stage flashing that smile and tearing it up. But we are going to give a show that I really hope Arthur would approve of. He ‘s overseen enough Baby Lemonade soundchecks that we at least have an idea of what Arthur digs. And he really dug us, which always made us feel special.

Working on music these days, it’s interesting. We try not to discuss the music too much, just let it flow and see how it sounds. Arthur was the kind of guy that would make you play the same thing over and over again. From a musician’s standpoint, that was SO boring! I now really understand that position; have the band (or musician) play the part(s) over and over again so that they may STEP INSIDE the part and it becomes a part of them. It took me ages but i do see now hoe that works; you repeat certain parts not just to learn them but to have them subconscienciously dwell in your mind. Brilliant.

So Baby Lemonade are getting all set on our Sept 16th show at the Temple Bar and I am afraid it’s going to sell out possibly. It only holds 250 people and they stop letting people in when it appears packed so get them tix, folks! Contact the club…

Funny thing, ran into an old friend (whom Rusty and I have not only known since we were in out teens but her older brother, David, use to roadie for us), Abby Travis. Abby…gee, she plays (or have played) with everyone…and I remember when she was David Travis’ bratty little sister! And Abby is, and always will be, a super sweetheart…and it was so nice to see her…and a message to Love/BLem fan, Brad Davis…thanks for emailing about the BABY LEMONADE BEST OF (woo hoo…soooooo many nice people are trying to get it while it’s still in the oven!)…Brad say Love way back in the day, back when Henry was playing Bass…and we all went over to El Polo Loco on Sunset and Laurel Canyon (across from Chateau Marmont)…So many great memories…but Brad..i have to tell you…I think I’ve fallen in love with the Dr. Z 2×10 Carmen Ghia Combo…, which is obviously more affordable than my first choice, a Divided by 13 CJ11 1×12 Combo!

ok, enough guitar talk….

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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