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“California 66 Revue rolls on”
April 3 2009

If you visit california66revue.com you’ll find the first officially announced shows from the upcoming tour that even Sky Saxon is referring to as “The Fantastic Party!”

And fantastic it shall be. I am really excited to share the stage with some amazing and talented musicians and personalities. James and Mark of the Electric Prunes had been kicking the idea around for a while.

They teamed with friend/tour producer, Patrick Hand, to sketch together this idea of several bands, all part of the west coast 60’s music community, coming together to play music and share in that special family of friends and music lovers.

Once Johnny Echols signed on we discussed the music and how much fun it would be. Michael Stuart-Ware was on inboard as drummer and Dave Chapple and Rusty signed on as well.

If you may remember, Love with Arthur Lee toured Europe in 2003 with The Seeds. Well, the enigmatic Mr. Saxon now plays under his own name but we offered this up; how about if Chapple, Dave Green and myself back you, Sky? We love yer music and we know it. And thus, the Revue was rounded out.

But we still needed someone to play keys with Sky and LOVE, but who could also do some of the woodwind and trumpet parts. And that’s where Probyn Gregory came in mind. Probyn (who plays 40 instruments and gigs regularly with The Eels, Brian Wilson, Jan & Dean – you name it!), was happy to get on stage once again and tour with us and busting that trumpet out for Alone Again Or!

So, we hope to see you in your town for what will truly be a fantastic party! Blogged from Starbucks on Main & Hill, Santa Monica.

Mike Randle

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