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March 28 2009

I was in an LP mood today and so i busted out some of my Vinyl (most of it 180gram virgin Vinyl, including Forever Changes, Axis: Bold as Love and Aja. It was hot today (about 75F) so i had the windows open and the music blasting. Hannah’s old best friend from Dorset, Dave, is visiting in 2 days so we’re getting ready for that visit (and Julian just left after visiting for Spring Break). After that, Hannah’s mum visits and then that’s it for a while! Oh, and we had Scottish Keith visit before Julian! But we dropped him off at the Brian Jonestown guys’ crib on our way to pick up Julian so there’s no telling what kinda trouble Keith got himself into!

Oh, and I am no longer gonna call this a Diary. This is gonna be a blog from now on. Capital “B”, Blog. And hey, thanks to OLD MAN for his purchase of the Baby Lemonade BEST OF!!!!!!!

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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