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Chop Chop!
March 2 2009


Now I know it’s been a super duper long time since I wrote something. As a reminder Baby Lemonade’s “Best Of” is available on Amazon.com!!!! Chop Chop! (is it available on UK’s Amazon?) I recently had a few e-chats with Caryne (remember her!)and wow, her son is like 17 now! I remember him when he was 10, right up in the front row in UK shows, singing along and looking like Ali G because of his cornrows! My has time flown…

Everyone over here is doing well…Rusty is still in Sheffield but he tells me he’s doing fine (just cold!)and Glenn is on tour with Billy Ocean over in the UK (hit him up for Tickets!)

I actually have a confession that I recently shared with Glenn; I sang “Suddenly” in my High School at an assembly in the school Gym. I was in stage band and we used to cover a lot of pop songs from the early 80’s (E,W & F “Let’s Groove” is an example)so that name brought back memories!

Don’t know if you got the March Issue of Guitar Player Magazine (the one with Brad Paisley on the cover) but there’s a good review of the HTO Overdrive pedal that Phil Hussey and I put out from the Hfx company (hfxpedals.com) The pedals have done really well (and we ship to the UK and Europe, ya’ll!) and Danny Harrison (son of George) swears by his. We have specifically designed one for John Shanks and is waiting for him to come by and get it. People in the USA may not know who John is but for anyone who knows anything about TAKE THAT, you know excactly who i’m talking about.

I’ve been playing guitar a lot and messing around writing and recording plus listening to some old L.W.A.L. demo tapes i have lying around…brings back memories. And Phil and I are working on a 20watt tube amp. I wish Arthur here. We would make him his very own, with “Love” as the logo. And it would be black and red with white checkered binding. And 2 buttons only. One button would simply LOUD and the other, LOUDER.

Mike Randle

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