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Mike Randle


March 5 2009

The other day I was working at the guitar shop checking an amp out that was making a funny noise and while I was checking to see if bad tubes was the issue I hear that really cool, loud bomp and rumble of some guy playing SEVEN & SEVEN IS on Bass Guitar!

So i grabbed a guitar and started playing the song with him. The guy knew the tune inside and out. After he finished he and i talked about how great Love and those records were. After a while I informed him that i’d played with three members (Arthur, Johnny and Michael Stuart-Ware) as a member of Baby Lemonade and Love with Arthur Lee.

We had some good laughs and i don’t even know (and it didn’t smack me until he’d left) if he knew that Arthur’s birthday just around the corner, March 7. But it was good fun and it’s times like that i wouldn’t trade my life in for all the money in the world (which ian;t saying much these days!)

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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