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August 4 2009

Yesterday seemed like the longest day ever. After sleeping off and on a bit and after we had some deli sandwiches, Rusty and Pat went to pick up Johnny Echols from the airport. When they got back Pat took us all out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. I think it was called Guapos or something like that. The food was fantastic. I had a steak tostada with their house dressing. Good stuff.

After we got back (we picked up some Stella Artois to take back to Pat’s place) Johnny, Pat, Pat’s wife, Kate, and their son Bren all hit the hay while Rusty, Daddyo and myself messed around with guitars in the basement. Rusty was showing me the chords to Abbey Road and I took the opportunity to show him the chords to Larry Calton’s “Room 335” while Daddyo was pissing himself silly watching Nirvana vs Rick Astley on YouTube (Never gonna give up your Teen Spirit).

Gave Hannah a call, as she’d gone shopping back in LA and was long overdue, as things have been a bit crazy in our world with the move and now the tour. Went to bed about midnite, as we have to get up early Tuesday for an interview with the Washington Post. BTW, looks like the Virginia show at the Birchmere is being moved by the promoter to a more “Rock” club called the Velvet Lounge or something like that.

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