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Mike Randle


August 14 2009

Well, our 11 hour drive was finally over and we found ourselves in beautiful Toronto. We checked into our hotel and then we grabbed a bite at the Wolf & Firkin and caught a CFL (Canadian Football League) game. Went back to the room, had a couple beers and watched some tv. I was watching Navy Seals when Probyn switched it over to Hannah Montana or something like that. And I’m like, WTF? (Ok?) Then he turns out his light and goes, “I didn’t wanna watch tv anyway”. But by then I’d miss the sharpshooters taking out those Samali Pirates. Dang. Well, tonight’s show should be really fun. We’re all looking forward to it. Roll on! And LES PAUL, watta guy. First real guitar lick I learned was “How High The Moon”, but it wasn’t till someone showed me how to play “double stops” on the guitar that I really could come even cLOse to getting near his ‘sound’. Keep on rockin, Les. And Thanks.

Mike Randle

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