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OUR WAY, YES OUR WAY (making our dreams come true)
August 12 2009

Anyone who ever loved Laverne & Shirley like me, knows that awesome theme song. Well, this is how we felt during our show tonight. We had (as I predicted) a small audience. And if ever there was a time when size didn’t matter, tonight was certainly it.

As it was going to be quite an “intimate” evening, we decided to pass a list of songs to the people in the audience. We proceeded to play the request but only after each audience member would introduce themselves. By the evening’s end we were all pals!

This Milwaukee crowd was 100% fantastic and I can only imagine how much fun Sky Saxon would have had, as well as the EPs. Sky would have loved this audience and I just know my brother in music would certainly approved of these fine folks. BTW, This may have been the warmest Love fans I’ve met outside of the UK. There was even a Welsh bloke who’d seen us in Breckham, Wales, who also lived in Wisconsin.

On our way to the show we got news that our super gal in Toronto, Michelle, had arranged for ticket giveaways with a local radio station (5 sets of tix won by answering Love trivia, answers courtesy of Johnny Echols) and for 4 hours they were playing the tunes and pushing the Lee’s Palace show Friday.

Tina in the UK has been adding more folks to our Facebook page and I think she’d be happy to know that OLD MAN came to the NYC show! It was a real treat to see him and his family…its always a treat but a million thanks, Old Man!

Up front at tonight’s show was a very nice gal, Patricia, who says she reads the Diaries/blogs all the time. She and her pal were sitting right up front and they enjoyed the show and afterwards bought shirts and CDs. We made tonight really special by involving everyone and we also busted out THE RED TELEPHONE, which had Probyn singing backing vox with me, while he juggled Harpsichord and Trumpet, bless him.

We did a kick ass version of Revelation, which has solo trade offs of johnny and Probyn (trumpet). It was a super fun night and we want to thank EVERYONE that came out and also thank John, Dave and Peter at Shank Hall for having us. And especially the city of Milwaukee that has wrapped its arms around us.

Tomorrow is Chicago’s Double Door Bar and many people tonight told us they were going to make the 75 mile drive tomorrow night. Roll on, Chi-Town…

Mike Randle

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