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Quebec and Toronto are ready
April 15 2009

I got some emails from some music lovers in Canada who are over the moon to hear the California 66 Revue and especially be able to hear Love’s music that features original members and members of Arthur’s Love (circa 1993-2005), also known as Baby Lemonade.

Back in 2002, we were booked to play Vancouver and Toronto but the Canadian customs office refused to allow Arthur entry into the country. Keep in mind, all his documents sorted and had been cleared ahead of time. Yet, someone made a judgement call and decided to ruin everybody’s fun.

Arthur always felt Love’s music would eventually make it to Canada (we had the same problem in Japan) and with his spirit felt through out every note, I believe that Arthur, Bryan and Johnny are forever woven into the fabric of that incredible music and the people who love and appreciate it.

We’ve received tons of sign ups on the Cali ’66 website…if you have not signed up for email alerts (which include tour schedule, future shows, merch info, freebies and buckets more…), you should join the fun (www.california66revue.com) And by the amount of UK sign ups, shows there can’t be far off! Coming VERY soon, a Cali 66 MySpace and Facebook…

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Mike Randle

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