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The Root of all Teeth
April 17 2009

I am writing this from the 4th & Ocean Park bus stop as I wait for Blue Bus #2 to get me to Westwood for my dentist appt. I dropped some meds so no way I am driving. Also, the Cali ’66 Tour has inked another town and I believe its in Conn., so another New England gig. Probyn is from New Hampshire so he’ll feel right at home.

Also, unfortunately Michael Stuart-Ware will not be making this August tour, although we will probably see him in any future west coast shows or maybe a show or two on the current tour. I am aware that someone (incorrectly) blogged that the tour was 15 days straight and that’s why MSW bowed out. The truth of the matter is that Michael has important family matters he’s attending to and he won’t be able to maintain a rehearsal schedule in order to do this tour.

Michael’s a class act and although Daddy0 is going to handle the duties, the door is always open for MSW. The show will still be Johnny and Rusty up front with Chapple, Daddy0, Probyn and myself chiming in, doing what we Love. To call it anything BUT Love would do a disservice to Johnny, Arthur, Bryan, Michael and their families.

This isn’t the love band. This is the Love family.

Blogged from the 4th street bridge.

Mike Randle

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