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July 22 2009

Oh wow, it’s not 2 weeks before this fantastic party hits the stage, with curtains up and fun for all! I am sat here in my living room (a sweltering 80F outside) listening to Love’s first LP (the Vinyl!) and Softly To Me is on and just as i started to write this i receive an email from an old pal of Arthur’s, Dennis Kelley, in Las Vegas. Dennis and his wife, Dori, are lifetime Chicago Cubs fans. Turns out the Cubs are playing Philly today and at one point in the game the P.A. played The Seeds’ “Pushin too Hard” and the guy mentioned Sky! So methinks Sky and Arthur have something up their sleeve, hopefully, sold out venues for the tour!

Baby Lemonade has been rehearsing and it’s been sounding great. David Chapple isn’t making this tour (prior commitments before the tour was booked) but he’s been helping me out, especially on what key harmonicas to use! I am pulling a “Dylan” and using a harmonica holder for Message To Pretty and Signed DC and so far it’s sounding good, really good. I certainly ain’t no Arthur Lee but i am having fun and it sounds fantastic.

Probyn’s harpsichord playing on Stephanie Knows Who sent chills down ll our spines! And he’s been doing various flute parts on a melodica through an amp, as well as the trumpet parts for Alone Again Or and Between Clark & Hilldale. David Nolte is holding the Bass down like a champ and Daddyo hasn’t missed a beat since we last jammed nearly 2 years ago! Rusty sang beautifully and played guitar better than ever. This week is the back band and then other reh dates we’ll have Johnny, although Johnny knows the stuff already. We also went over some Gerry Miller (Moby Grape) stuff.

Fans are excited and places like Toronto and claim they will have the most people. So, no matter what town you’re in, please spread the word and let’s all have some wonderful times. As far as our set list is concerned, we’re doing 5 songs from the 1st Album, 4 or 5 from Forever Changes, 5 from Da Capo and 1 song from the never released 1969 Love recordings, “Gethsemene.”

If you know anyone who wants to help out, pass out some flyers, put up posters at the local record shop or Pizza parlor or cool guitar store or your favorite coffee house, please let us know and we’ll get you the materials STRAIGHT AWAY. If you feel you can’t afford a ticket, let us know ASAP and we’ll work something out and get YOU on the Cali ’66 Team. Everybody loves a good team. See YOU very soon!

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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