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Secret 7 & 7 IS discovery?
April 26 2009

One of my good pals, Mark Hobbs, is a MASSIVE Love fan and bought their records back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Each Saturday, after he finishes his organic veg and PG Tips shopping on the 3rd street Promenade, he stops in the guitar shop and plays a variety of old starts and Gibson SGs. He ALWAYS plays at least 3 Love songs (7&7, Feathered Fish & House is not a Motel among them).

Well, yesterday he was playing through a Fender Vibrolux and shared something with me. He asked me if I new that, to get the ‘exact’ Seven & Seven Is tremolo sound, the SPEED and INTENSITY both need to be set at exactly 7! So he dialed it up and, low and behold, there it was! Now I need to call Johnny today and ask him about that because it never occurred to me.

So, if any of you out there have any Fender amps (either vintage or reissues) that have Speed and Intensity, PLEASE comment on this blog…I want to see if everyone’s amp does this or just this Vibrolux (which was a ’65 Reissue).

On a different note, Johnny Marr let us know that he is DIGGING THE NEW BABY LEMONADE BEST OF CD!!!!!!

Blogged from Albertson’s parking lot on Lincoln and Ocean Park

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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