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Mike Randle


August 6 2009

Wow, what a fun and fab beginning! Sinatra was from Hoboken and we played a block from Sinatra Park. Maxwell’s is a small but quaint club and the folks that work there (sound guy, Adam, and owner Todd) are just topper most.

It was a hot and sweaty night but a good time was had by all and it was truly a pleasure to meet up with old pals like Mike Fornetale and his wife, or Steve or Frank Reda (one of Arthur’s oldest friends). We even met a few people who had seen Arthur with Das Damen in ’92 at Maxwells.

As it was about midnight when we were done and we all reminisced about Arthur Lee, as it was exactly 3 years since his passing. We all hugged and it was just some good moments. It was a blast to play such classics again and Johnny was simply on fire. And its so musical on stage with Probyn handling keys, melodica and trumpet and I’ve taken up the harmonica on a few cuts. Daddyo and Nolte were locked in like pit bulls on a t-bone steak and Rusty sang beautifully. Everyone gave everything they had. Arthur would expect nothing less.

Mike Randle

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