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April 7 2009

Tomorrow, Hannah’s mum, Mrs. Milman, visits our place for a couple of weeks. She loves visiting Santa Monica and we love having her. The weather’s been quite nice this time of year but i saw on the news we could get a touch of rain Wed and Friday so we’ll see about that.

I’ve been going through my pedalboard and re-config. all my pedals for the upcoming August tour. I got two amazing Fuzz boxes. One if the upgraded Aries fuzz that Scott at BMF Effects personally gave me, which sounds superb. Then there’s the supremely awesome “Foxxy Hussey” that Phil Hussey made JUST for me, which is a Foxx Tone Machine clone, complete with a cool ‘octave switch’. I was messing around with that tonight while Hannah watched that stupid show, “The Hills” (What, Spencer was hitting on that chick bartender at “Dime”?), and I was running the Foxxy Hussey into a Boss Super-Shifter (PS-5) and I was getting some really crazy sounds. If you hear some crazy Fuzz sounds on the tour, that’s me.

We’re all looking forward to this east coast/ midwest tour and I know that, although Johnny & Michael and some of us had kicked around the idea of playing music together, it was probably good for everyone to allow some time to float by, as Johnny has been recording a lot, especially in the last 3 years. We certainly do it with a sad heart. It will certainly be the first time I’ve ever been onstage with the name, LOVE, without Arthur. But the strong support of Arthur/Love fans via email, letters and phone calls, made us all know in our hearts that the Love Story needs to continue. There’s an even newer generation playing old Love records that need to hear “Your Mind And We” by the guy who actually played it on the record! And, bless em all, the tributes and whatnot, but I truly believe Arthur would want Love’s music to reach as many people as possible. That’s what he always wanted and he didn’t want just anybody to do it. I feel that every night i play this incredible music we’ll be paying tribute to the fans and Arthur Lee.

On this up coming excursion we’ll get a chance to catch up with old friends, supporters and just plain PALS. Fritz in Ohio is one such fellow and he’s not only a classy guy but also a guy that loved Love’s music and played in bands in the late 60’s/ early 70’s that played Love tunes…heck he even did the “Between Clark” licks as Octave Double stops on the guitar, which is plain crazy (and acrobatic). Last time I saw Fritz i believe him and I were in Chicago (before our 2004 Park West Show) having beers at a bar a block from the venue and it wasn’t nearly enought time. So we are going to try to stretch it out this time; Steak (sorry Caryne!), Whiskey (12 year old Bushmills?????) and Cigars. Yep. MAN TIME. Sorry Hannah, The HILLS can’t touch that…

Blogged from my apartment in Santa Monica’s Historic 3rd Street District.

Mike Randle

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