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July 5 2010

Just got home from Spaceland (only a 20 minute drive at 2am!) after an awesome time, playing awesome music and hanging out with the most awesome folks. The Quincy Blaque Trio were fantastic, as were Hot As Balls. BY the time LOVE REVISITED were onstage the club was pretty well attended and the crowd were ready to hear some music and have a good time. And that’s just what they did.

We played 14 songs for about 90 minutes or so and it’s worth mentioning Vince Flahgerty came onstage and played harmonica on SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING and REVELATION. Dan Clucas (toured with Love with Arthur Lee on trumpet/flute/Sax 2003-4) performed with us playing Flute on Orange Skies and Trumpet on a couple of the songs, including Alone Again Or.

When the set was over we chatted with some great folks and quite a few of them had John Einarson’s new Book, which we were asked to sign and happily did. Also hung out with Dominic Peiore, who’s helping coordinate the event next Next Saturday where the Daves and I will be doing a short acoustic set at Book Soup, which is on Sunset Blvd and Larrabee, just 50 feet from the Viper Room.

After that we’ll be headlining The Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica, July 21st.

Thanks again, everyone.

All the best,

Mike Randle

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