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May 26 2010

The Countdown to June 12 is on and we Yanks here in Santa Monica (where there is a huge British and Irish community) are gearing up for what could be the biggest USA vs. England battle ever. England didn’t seem that concerned that we stole Beckham (and even less bothered about us snagging Posh) but I think they would hang their heads in shame if they lost to the USA team in the World Cup, let alone get outright BEAT. The UK has recently suffered one of the kookiest (by American standards) elections in ages and Simon Cowell is done with American Idol after tomorrow. A lot of things are changing. June 12 could be the age of a new dawn for the USA and yet another bitter World Cup disappointment to England. Somebody’s got to lose.

Hannah and I will be attending a party being hosted by our friends (Yank Husband, Brit wife as well) and other USA/UK couples will be there. The hand-holding will cease, come 11:30am PST and the real competition starts. England hasn’t won since 1966 and even though I would love to see them finally get another Cup, it’s not gonna happen on our watch. Not the Red, White and Blue. Land of the M.F. Brave and the M.F. Free. Get ready because the USA is gonna bring it.

Now, if you are in Southern California you are highly advised to attend two events: July 11 at Book Soup (on the Sunset Strip) is the official LA promotion of John Einarson’s Biography of Arthur Lee (which I haven’t yet read). Dave Chapple, Daddyo and myself shall perform a short acoustic set of Arthur’s solo songs and some of our own material. Then on July 21, Love Revisited (Chapple, Daddyo, myself and Johnny Echols) will headline at The Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica with The Quarter After. Come out, it will be a blast!

Lastly, last night Hannah and I went to El Chollo Mexican Restaurant (across the street from the Dakota Lounge!) to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. The grub was fantastic and even though i wasn’t able to get to say hello to him, we noticed John Densmore eating a few tables away. Funny, but, in Santa Monica, you can easily bump into John or even Jac Holzman! I’ve seen Jac zipping around town on his Vespa! At 80!

All the best,

Mike Randle

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