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“2003 is gonna be a busy year…”
Oct 27 2002

Like any real LOVE fan, I myself have waited for the next “real” LOVE album-and not something like the New Rose record…a REAL record. One I can put on with pride, knowing it was made with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as all my fave LOVE records, from ’66 to ’74.

Well, come 2003, the wait will most certainly be over. I don’t want to give anything away but I can say with confidence that the music world is going to be a much better place in 2003 because there is gonna be more GREAT music and the GREAT music supporters have everything to do with it.

The people we’ve played for, the friends we’ve made, all add up to wonderful and invaluable experiences. In just 5 months, I feel as though I’ve lived a lifetime and I guess music can make you lose all sense of time. Now, I’m not 100%, but I think the first diary I wrote for FREEDOM MAN’S site was April 2, 2002. Someone e-mailed me a few weeks ago commenting on how the USA and the UK are so different and how Europe is so much more different still. I wrote back that I guess those differences can be seen on the surface but that, every place we visit, we are only really seeing the surface (except Milton Keynes, where what you see IS what you get…) and many times do not get a proper look at a city. I even get embarrassed when I yawn in front of people who pay good money to see a show. Even though it’s 3 hours after the show i feel i should be better rested; And i promise i shall be better rested for the Forever Changes Tour…call it my New Years Resolution, ok? (oh, i can see Glenn Povey and Gene Kraut going, “Give me a break…I’ll believe it when I see it!”)

(Funny, but as I write this-and keep in mind, I’m sitting on the porch again and it’s midnight but it’s not too cold outside.I can feel small drops of rain, which tell me that Fall is really here in Los Angeles because it probably hasn’t rained since late April…so we’re talking nearly 6 months w/o proper wet stuff. One thing is certain, this sure as heck ain’t Leeds…

Now then, on to other important things…what will the weather be like in Jan (in the UK) and in Feb (on the continent?) I’ve been in the UK in November (COLD-RAIN-WIND-MORE RAIN-MORE COLD) and I’ve been in Sweden in November (FREEZING SNOW-VERY COLD-MORE COLD-FREEZING COLD AND NO SUN). So, is January gonna be kind or do I start crying early?

See, I’m a sucker for a 3am Kabob but I don’t know what I’m to do if it’s freezin’ and stuff…I don’t even OWN a winter coat (WINTER? what’s that? It’s gonna be tough. Maybe I can buy a coat off Ringo at Milton Keynes? I don’t want to buy one because England is so damn expensive and they screw us Yankees with the exchange rate! Now, if we could get Dubya to declare England part of the axis of evil (lord knows the food is…), we could get them thar prices back down to friendly USA levels. Because, in the end, it IS all about us, after all. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the President.

Mike Randle


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