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Mike Randle


“A message on Day 11”
August 2 2002

Just wanted to say that when I first decided to write a tour diary where I would scribble in it everyday, the last thing I wanted to do was use it as a way to take advantage of a legend’s name. My idea was to show the everyday stuff, the funny stuff, the not-so-funny stuff and also to help connect music lovers with other music lovers and also a bit of gossip, ala Walter Winchell. But it seemed that people wanted more about the band and it’s interactions and I tried to show a bit of that but from this point on, I am mostly sticking to my experience and leaving other people out of it. Not everyone understands how the web works and I understand that. Also, I’m put here to express myself and I won’t stop that either so the diary will be a little different but you probably won’t tell at all.

Be well…

Mike Randle


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