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“Day 11, part 1 Chicago never sleeps”
August 2 2002

Not only was it 90+degrees F all night, it was raining and thundering and stuff like that. I spent about 2 hours answering some e-mails (185 e-mails…whew!) which was really fun, as so many people have so many stories of how Arthur Lee and the group, LOVE, have touched their lives and influenced them for the better. Things like that always touch me and I always discuss those things with Arthur.

Talked (via e-mail) to SF DON and I think we both understand each other a little better. And no, he’s not a Narc like some of you suggested! He’s a musician who’d never seen Arthur play before and wasn’t sure when (or if) we’d perform in San Francisco again. Let me say this; Everywhere we’ve played on this tour we’ve been asked back already. And that SF show sold out…that club made some serious cash. Everyone has an off night. But ask the people in Portland or Seattle…sh*t, even the people in Minneapolis can attest to the heart and soul Arthur displayed at that show, even though he should not have even gone onstage with Larin (oh, I’m not even gonna mispell it because Arthur’s manager, Gene, keeps getting on me about my spelling…)

Speaking of Gene, he’s threatening to write a tell-all book called,A DIARY OF THE DIARIES: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED…just kidding…I’m down in the “continental room” at our hotel here in Chicago having a cup of coffee and enjoying the air conditioned comfort. Last night, I watched a great episode of Columbo and does anyone out there know if the COMPLETE Columbo episodes are available on DVD? That would be nice if that’s available on DVD. Anyone ever see that episode with Johnny Cash? Great, that one.

Well it’s close to 11am and Rusty and Daddyo are on the road from Minneapolis and should be here around 4pm. Also, my pedal board should get here soon as well…how is miss it! Have to say also that Chicago certainly has some cuties. (look, I have to let the guys know, ok? I mean, they sort of depend on my assessments in these areas.) And, as far as this hotel? Hmmm…the jury is still out..more on this later tonight…also, did I mention that Chapple went on the roof (our room is on the 6th floor and the biulding is 12 stories high) last night to take pix of the thunder and lightening storm. Crazy like a fox, that Chapple

Mike Randle


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