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“Day 11, part 3 (or pt. 4?) Chicago rocks and federal express comes thru!!!”
August 3 2002

Alright, finally; the best show of the tour…the best audience of the tour…the best people…the best everything! As I’d mentioned before, my pedal board was mistakingly left in Seattle and we were worried about it not arriving in town in time but Fed Ex brought it during soundcheck and that made me very happy!

I had alot of fun at the show and it was a good time hanging out n stuff…Wilco and Coldplay were in the Audience and Nash Kato (Urge Overkill) came backstage and chilled with us for a good while. Everyone at the club were just 100% amazing…this was easily the funnest night of the tour!

Tomorrow we drive to Detroit. I guess there are about 6 USA shows left in 10 days and lots of traveling before we get home (for 3 or 4 days!) and THEN fly to Scotland (again? weren’t we JUST there?) to do Europe and that tour ends in Athens, Greece. So, I guess, Greece IS the world.

The hotel we stayed in, the DAYS INN in La Salle park, was a really good one. It wasn’t fancy at all but the staff was knowledgable, helpful and courteous. I know Dave Chapple ripped them a “new one” in his letter…and they deserved it (in Portland), this one was alright in my book. Also, the resteraunt downstairs, LOUIE ON THE PARK has good Gumbo and other great food. So Chicago has been good to us, humidity and all.

Mike Randle


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