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Mike Randle


“A stroll around Main street”
Oct 17 2002

I woke up around 8am this morning. Rusty and I had been recording all day and into the night and I stayed up listening to mixes and he went to a b/day party on main street, which is 3 blocks from our house. No need to worry; I had a six-pack so I was safe. But I been a bit tired lately. But I woke up early this morning and the sun was out, it was warm and just a really nice day. The ocean was humming and there weren’t very many cars. So I took the laptop and headed to the coffee shop on main street and , let me tell you, somebody could write a book about some of the characters who frequent this seaside day/night spot.

As I w)? and drink tea or coffee, I am usually bombarded with wannabe screen writers, actors, actresses, directors…you name it. people on their cellphones….people reading scripts OUTLOUD, people talking about auditions…people coming to the coffeeshop in their PAJAMAS! no joke! I mean, I know Santa Monica is laid back (hey, Jazmaan could back me on this main street scene…) n all but this is getting out of hand. Just this morning, I took a walk over the ocean park hill to Albersons to buy some Spaghetti sauce and I’m standing in line and a woman is complaining that the cat food she normally buys has been changed! I mean, how does she know? Does she eat cat food? But here she is, holding up the line! She took so long, I could have walked to Jazmaan’s house and back and she still woud have been there (he lives 2 blocks up the hill)…so the cashier asked her how she knew and, at this point, EVERYONE in line wanted to know.

The lady told some story about how this was her cat’s fave brand and the last 3 days she refused to eat it and that there must be something wrong with the product. I was getting so bored i started reading the back of those MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN exercise videos…Finally, Someone from the back shouted, “Can you please get this bitch out of line so I can get to work.” Finally, I thought to myself, the voice of reason.

Mike Randle


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