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Mike Randle


16 Oct 2002

On our flight to the UK back on Aug 20, we flew Vigin Atlantic, which was a very nice flight if i do say so myself. The stewardesses were lovely, the food was good, the service was impeckable and the flight was smooth. The crew was there at our every disposal. I had this one F.A. (flight attendant, duh!) that got me a cup of tea, some pajamas, a pillow and some warm socks. She asked if there was anything else she could get me. I said there was one thing that i could really use, now that she mentioned it. of course, a bedtime story was against company policy. I was going to have to settle for counting sheep.

Our plane landed 10 hours later and, after clearing customs (a breeze, not like Canada!), we headed to baggage claim. Once i got my luggage, i looked at one of my travel bags and noticed the side compartment was bare; SOMEONE HAS KNICKED MY CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES!

About $50 worth of new stuff had been ripped off but the best part is the knuckleheads that did it put back the plastic the parts came in, showing me that they were certainly stolen and not mistakingly lost. Of course, i went to Virgin immediately to get a form to fill out, although i doubt they’ll give me aShilling, really. Huge Corporations could care less about the little guy. But, i did mention in the form i filled out that i write for an online diary that’s recieving more than 1,000 hits a day. Now, that may not seem like alot but, who wants a nasty story to circulate about those thugs working at LAX? Which brings us to Thugs in Los Angeles in general.

Have you ever seen the people that work at LAX? Ok, i can speak for experience. I have personally reognized 4 or 5 people over the last 8 years that i went to high school with. These were the students i would deem “not the brightest” and certainly not the ones i want working anywhere near Plane fuel. But these airlines are cheap and Republican Conservatives in the US Congress refuse to pass legislation (even after 9/11!!!!) that would force Airports to truly make all airport workers Federal employees. The Repubs find it unfair to make rich corporate scum have to pay anyone more than $5 an hour. You’d think Americans would be smart enough to vote people like that out. But you have to understand how the American mind works, which is not much different than the mind of a British Subject; we carry crooked politicians and royalty because we want to believe they represent something bigger than ourselves. But i think they are nothing short of theives. AND that’s why LAX has people stealing from yours and my luggage and aren’t doing anything about it.

Anyone who wants to complaim can call (from the UK) 01293-444-333. Or, if you’re on your lunch break and want to fool around with the fax machine, fax ’em at 01293-747-75 Baggage Claims. However, if you call the number, be prepared to spend the rest of your natural life on hold. God bless us all, huh?

Now, here’s a story worth repeating. A buddy of mine, Brian Kehew, is a music tech for the WHO and a lot of other people. He also is an expert on the MOOG synth and is writing a book about the Beatles gear they recorded with. So, at Robert Plants recent LA show at the Greek Theatre, appearently, RP was talking to some blokes backstage after the show and LOVE came up in the subject. He was talking about the singer and how he saw the band play this summer. Brian mentioned to him,”my buddies play with LOVE.” RP looked at him and said,” Oh yes, i know all about Baby Lemonade!” Ok, so you heard it here first. And, i might add when that story got to me i damn near fainted. Sorry, but ROBERT FUCKING PLANT said it. Damn.

Well i must baby sit my son tonight so his mum can go toss down a few with her girlfriends. Maybe we’ll rent “Song remains the same?” Hmmm…well i mailed off a bunck of photos to Freedom Man from my Greece trip so maybe you can put some faces with the story. That trip was nice. All i did was eat, drink and kick it.

Mike Randle


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