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“Coming soon, to a town near you”
November 19, 2002

As November slowly becomes December, we are plowing full steam ahead, recording and rehearsal tackling, not only a new album’s worth of material but also sanding the rough edges on the F.C. material.

Anyone who has a tix to the show (or shows) in Jan/feb are in for a treat; Not only when you experience the entire FC album with an amazing 8 piece ensemble (with totally reverent arrangements and performances by the Swedish ensemble), but you also get a rock show as well. Two for one deal. And there’s even more but I will let you find that out for yourself…there’s much more to these shows. Gene Kraut Management are pulling all the stops out for this one. It’s going to take a lot of effort and consentration on everyone’s part but we’re all up for it.

Now, I am going to savor this whole experience and will document it as best I can while in the thick of it because I can’t say for sure we will do this big production again. I know that the tix are very reasonably priced and the production is EXPENSIVE. Think of how much it cost when you and your family travel out of town for a week. Now, imagine traveling for 4 weeks with 18 people! To give credit where it’s due, this has been Gene’s baby since day one. When he first mentioned it to me (back in March) i thought it would never happen. Strings? Horns? You crazy, you know how much that’ll cost? But i’ll tell ya something; it IS worth it. It’s worth it to work with such professional and enthusiastic musicians and, arranger/conductor, Gunnar Norden, has done a brilliant job writing the music out BY EAR (the original Elektra charts were lost in the 70’s) and the musicians playing it as good or better than the record. I literally have to block them out when I am on stage, otherwise, I get overwhelmed by the fan in me, and lose track of what I’m playing.

And of course, there are several surprises Management has instore. Most of these I don’t even know about. But I know one thing and that this tour will be a labour of LOVE on ALL sides.

Mike Randle


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