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“Let’s pull the plug on this MOVIE before it’s too late…”
November 19, 2002

While “secret” wiretaps have been ok’d by the US GOVERNMENT on USA citizens and the American media has taken on the “what, who me?” tact of “reporting news (izzat what they call it?), I long for the good days when all we had to worry about was something that should have been dealt with in the family in the first place; the act of politicians screwing more than just the voters. Now, I am a family man and I DO teach my kid what I think is the correct way to behave. Of course, I also tell him that it’s a good idea not to judge other people and to stay out of their business. I don’t know if he’s too young to understand. But I still TRY.

But I must say that, ok, the last American President was screwing everything that wasn’t nailed down. He was married and had a daughter. So? And? Give me a guy like that ANY DAY, ANY MONTH, any minute. BECAUSE I WANT SOMEONE with commone sense, someone the world and a nation can feel like they can identify with. Not someone with big ears and invisible puppet strings. I would like to think the world is tired of American Cowboys, USA strong arm tactics AND JUST CONSERVATIVE fight fight fight fight policies AS SOON AS A NEW REPUB monkey takes a seat.

And just today, I read about an Alabama Judge…a FRIGGIN JUDGE who snuck in a 5 ton (5,000 POUNDS) statue of the ten commandments in a state building. Thank goodness the state courts above Judge Bozo had the good sense to give him 30 days to get rid of it (personally, I would make it LAW that anyone who knowingly uses state funds to break separation of church and state laws get a MINIMUN of 75 years in jail…yep)so the knucklehead got off easy, huh?

So, back to slick Willy. Now, I know a lot of people…and a lot of people have secrets. And it has always been my theory that the people who come off as the most “moral” are guilty as heck. Why is that? That, I don’t know. But I do know the world was a much better place 3 years ago. Even before 9/11, people were getting concerned. Even WALLSTREET and FTSE, the epitome of selfish money souls, smelled trouble with a GWB presidency. And I know what you are thinking; mike, why are you writing (like the 3rd time er sumthin…) about BUSH when we want to read about music?

I dunno. I guess I want to know; where are the artists? where are the musicians? where are the Frank Zappas when we need them? The creative community resembles the Civil rights movement after MLK died; the whole movement went down with him. I think everything on planet earth begins and ends with AMERICA. America needs to remind us all why it is to be revered and respected.

I guess because, even on my birthday, I feel a bit sad about how the place that I was always proud to call the land of the free, home of the brave, is fastly becoming the home of fascism. The home of hatred. The home of war. And no amount of music can change that.

Mike Randle


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