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“Day 10: 92F (at 11pm) in Chicago, but at least the beer is cold.”
August 2 2002

Arthur, Chris, Chapple (or, as Chris Lee calls him,”C to the H to the Apple”) and myself did the 8 hour drive from Minneapolis to Chicago. Actually, it was really about 6 1/2 but when you get about 20 miles outside Chicago, things S-L-O-W- D-O-W-N, big time.

But we finally pulled into our hotel (which we’ll be in for 2 days) and got to relax after such a long ride. Chapple and I went to the bar downstairs for a couple of Hefes and then we went looking for some take out and brought it back to the hotel, but not before picking up some COLD ONES and sitting in from of the tube and checking out the MAN SHOW. Now that’s what I call living.

Can’t say enough about the great crowd at the 1ST AVE club last night. Although, there were some really “merry” people there, they were very cool, in my book. And, thanks again to Kristian, for inviting Rusty and I out for beers after the show (we had to decline his offer, sorry K )…that was really nice. We all headed over to our good friend, Julie’s house, for some insane Margaritas and that Wisconson beer called something like Leneigeberger? oh, I idunno…geez…

but Chicago is just too hot…but tomorrow’s night’s show is sold out so we are very happy about that. Also, I’d like to say that everyone who continues to tease me about my spelling is just jealous that my mispellings are so consistent. Continuity is the objective here on the road.

Mike Randle


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