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“Day 9, part 2: it’s hard to stop the LOVE train, esp. in Minneapolis.”
August 1 2002

First off, I’d like to say that 3 people derserve some credit for last nights show; the band, because we whupped ass on stage (sorry, I just don’t feel like being modest!), Arthur, because he had laryngitis but refused to cut the set or cut corners (we played a 2 hour show, ok?) and the biggest thanks goes to that AMAZING group of music fans who call themselves minneapolis LOVE fans. They were fantastic and were very supportive, which I believe gave Arthur the strength to endure some throat problems.

We have the day off tomorrow so he’ll relax and be ready for friday’s show in Chicago, which, by the way, is SOLD OUT, in addition to both New York shows. Also, we just learned that the Toronto show on monday (at Lee’s Palace) has been moved to a venue in Buffalo. SO check with the various love sites (like Torben’s links…just type in LOVE with ARTHUR LEE on any search engine and look for Torben’s “DK” at the end of his link…you’ll know you have a Danish site…but don’t drink the Thor beer…it’s a set up…) for more details.

So today, Chapple, Chris, Arthur and mtself are making the 6 to 7 Hr drive to Chicago while Daddyo and Rusty stay in Minneapolis to see friends and family. Daddyo’s wife, Traci Green, flew out from Los Angeles and actually sold t-shirts for us last night! AgAIN, THE love KNICKERS are still a big hit!

Chicago should be a lot of fun because that city has awesome fans. Plus we can do some desent shopping in Chicago (forget about shopping for cool clothes in North Dakota and Montana unless you’re looking for t-shirts that say,”Retired man looking for woman to marry with fishing boat; please send picture of boat.” That’s what we’re dealing with, folks.

But Chicago rules, especially the pizza. And it’s different from New York (different, not better..I don’t want to start any fights). So, it should be fun. Also, I haven’t actually been online in a week so please be patient if you’ve e-mailed me and I haven’t e-mailed you back. I plan to find an internet cafe tonight. I send the diaries thru a V-TECH Yahoo Companion word processor. I can typ anytime, anywhere-it even runs on batteries-and it’s small enough to balance nicely on my lap. Then, all I do is plug it in to any phone out let and it dials an 1-800 number! Neat, huh? Ok, it’s 10:30 am and we check out of this hotel at noon…oh yeah, forgot to rate the hotel. Well, it’s nice…the people at reception are nott the brightest, alas. There was no food to speak of, which is really lame, as they have a coffeeshop downstairs. We did eat at a brewery around the corner but the name escapes me. The food was not bad but the beer was excellent. And can you believe we forgot my pedal board in Seattle? But it’s being shipped to Chicago so i feel better. I had to borrow a couple of pedals from Rusty and Stew. By the way, STEW’s show (featuring HEIDI on Bass and Keys) is awesome so you shouldn’t miss it. You’ll be sorry if you don’t get there early. That’s day 9 , ya’ll.

Mike Randle