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“Day 17, part 3: Boston fans show their appreciation…”
August 9 2002

Well, we went on about 11:30 and played to …oh, somewheres around 1:30am…the club appeared to be packed, although I cannot say for certain it was sold out. Once again, the people who work at the club are the best..hands down…everyone at the restaurant and/or the club…just the best people.

My favorite guy (and I’m not alone in this opinion) is “Charles”, who just has that Boston accent in the pocket. I really can’t duplicate it with text but you just sort of have to take my word for it.

Tony Goddess, from Papas Fritas, came to the show and we spoke afterwards (I’m a HUGE HUGE fan..go and buy all their Cds NOW) and he said he enjoyed the show and that really made me feel good. Actually, everyone who expressed joy from the show made me feel good…I guess I’m just so sensitive, huh? (smile).

Also, the owner of the club bought me a nice tall beer…so thank you sir. Also, although I didn’t meet him, Chris Judson wrote me a thank you note for putting him on the list. He’s very good friends with my friend, Mel, and she asked me to look out for him. I didn’t get to meet him but thanks for coming, Chris…

Ok…it’s 3am…I’m going to bed…

Mike Randle


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