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Mike Randle


“Day 18 A Day ooff in Bauwstun”
August 10 2002

We had a day off and everyone pretty much did their own thing. Later in the afternoon, Chris, Chapple and myself hopped a taxi to Harvard Square to look for some guitar shops and something to do but really had a difficult time finding anything. So we then hopped a subway train from the Square to the central stop, which is where the Club where we played is located. Kinda walked around Mass. ave. until we got board and then took the bus back to our hotel…well, that was the plan but…

The bus turned right before it got to our hotel and we wound up about a mile from where we wanted to go so we then walked back, which was a bit of a hike but the heck, right? Chap and I got a 12-pack and went back to the hotel room and chilled.

Gene, Daddyo and Rusty got some really overpriced tix to see the Boston Red Sox and that’s what they did. We met up with them later and everyone was tired except Chap, Rusty and myself so they crashed out while I answered some e-mails and Chap and Rusty watched YET AGAIN Lord of the Rings on Chapple’s laptop. After that, we watched some detective movie about an unsolved murder in the 1940’s in Los Angeles and called it an evening, seeing as we had a 9am wake up call. This brings me to the end of Day 18’s diary, as Chapple is making us a cup of coffee (it’s 9am, sat morning) and we drive to New York in about 45 min from now. Cheerss, big ears…

Mike Randle


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