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Mike Randle


“Day 19: August in August in NYC!”
August 11 2002

Hmmm…we finally rolled into Manhattan around 4pm (from Boston), checked into our hotel and then went to sound check. There were already fans waiting outside the front door. After we soundchecked, Gene took us to his favorite Chinese restauraunt in Chinatown, which was just a f ew blocks from the club on the Lower eastside of Manhattan. By the way, everywhere we stay, it seems that Henry Rollins stayed there as well! and that includes paris!

Afterwards, it was back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the show. We walked back and outside were Ebbits from SOUNDTRACKS OF OUR LIVES and Andy Bell from OASIS (and he used to be in the amazing RIDE). The said they’d be back later to see the show but asked that we put the BLACK CROWS on the list to get in, which Gene did.

So, we went onstage around 10pm and rocked the best show of this USA tour! it was alot of fun and we played AUGUST! The first time it’s been performed live in almost 30 years! And we did it really, well, if i do say so myself! Afterwards, we hung out in the downstairs lounge with some fans and talked to my buddy, Michael Shelly, and also talked to Dean Brownrout, who used to own BIG DEAL, the label both Shelley and BABY LEMONADE were on. Later on, I hung out with Andy Bell some more and he seemed to really enjoy the show. I told him my two friends in Los Angeles, Morley Bartnoff (who plays keys with STEW, but didn’t travel on this tour) and Diana Faust are HUGE RIDE fans and I can’t wait to rub it in their faces!!!! Also, Oasis’ Mgr. was talking some gig business with Gene so, who knows? We may play some shows with Oasis…and that would be great fun!

After all that, Chris Lee and I went walking around Soho till 3am…actually found a restauraunt and got 2 cheeseburgers…it was so warm you didn’t need a jacket, that’s for sure! Also, hung out with two great fans, Christopher and Juliana. The came over from Brooklyn and they were just the nicest people, big Love fans. Brady, who works for CREED’s label, came to the show and he was blown away…also asked about Baby Lemonade, which was nice. Does that mean we gotta do demos? (ok, now Tom in Cleveland is gonna offer to do our demos..nbspy if we get to sit by the pool, Tom!). It’s so great be in NYC again. I was so torn and disturbed by 9/11…I remember that day like it was 5 minutes ago. It touched on so many peoples lives. I still find it difficult to believe it actually happenend. But the people here have picked themselves up and refused to let 9/11 break their spirit. And I’m sure that in itself frustrates the perputrators to no end; to know that we love and respect our freedom, our music, our lives, our beliefs, our individuality and our diversity, among other things. It would take more than hijacked planes to even scratch the surface of how special this place is.

Mike Randle