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Mike Randle


“Day 20: our 2nd sold out show and our best show of the tour.”
August 15 2002

I had no idea how good we’d play on sunday night, our 2nd night at the Bowery Ballroom. And I had no idea we’d get more people on sunday than on saturday! So, with both shows selling out, and especially with such an absolutely ENTHUSIASTIC crowd on sunday, we ran thru the set with very little in-between stuff. Just the tunes, jack. And it was a blast.

Once again, we did August and it’s pretty much a part of the set. sorry we took so long to bust it out (hey, yell it out, ok?) WE all had a great time and hung out in the lounge after the show.

STEW and Heidi were again, amazing and this time they had a drummer play with them so you got to hear those tunes in a different light. So afterwards, I saw Christopher (who has one of the thickest Brooklyn accents I ever heard, next only to Bowery sound guy, Kenny…) and Juliana and we all went and had some beers. It’s a NYC summer night, about 80F and restaurants, bars and liquor stores are still open. Amazing! We then bumped into a bum names Clyde that tried to BS (hey, I’m from LA so I’ve heard it all…) us but what he really got was a provocative conversation. He turned out to be a nice guy after all but what realy happened in the end was that we actually paid him to go away! He was starting to annoy us!

Afterwards, those guys caught their train to Brooklyn and I went back to the Soho Hotel we were staying in, only to realise that Chris (Lee) had put the chain latch on the door! So I had to try and wake him up. Well, sometimes it’s easier to rob a Wells Fargo truck than it is to wake him up. But after 15 min. of banging, he finally woke up and I got some sleep on such a warm New York late-night.

Mike Randle


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