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“Day 21: The city of Brotherly LOVE.”
August 15 2002

So, we left Manhattan around noon and finally pulled into Philadelphia around 3pm after a ton of traffic on the New Jersey turnpike. Checked into our hotels and then went to sound check. Philly was 96F and extremely humid. We got our gear in the North Star club and they finally turned the air conditioner on!

After we did our soundcheck, went back to the hotel to eat a little bit. I turned the TV on and found a good football game on, which was Tamba Bay Bucs against the Miami Dolphins. Too bad we couldn’t just stay here and watch the game, rusty offered! But we were looking forward to this show. The only bad thing is, this club is located IN THE TOTAL GHETTO SO THERE’S ISN’T ANYTHING TO DO OR NOWHERE TO GO where you won’t get shot or mugged. So our idea to get a Philly Cheesesteak was looking bleek. I mean, if we were on South street, you could throw a rock and hit a good place to eat. But this area is interesting…it’s a total blend of people, old and young, and different races. And lots of cops…

So, we hit the stage about 9:30…saw FILMAKER Lisa Rosenberg, outside the club waiting on someone before the show. Also, these fans, Chris and Tori, couldn’t get in the show because Chris wasn’t 21 years old (only in America folks, only in america…) so the club told him our hotel address (thanks guys!) and he was there with his guitar (he wanted it signed by the singer). Well, we needed another tape for the video camera so the singer told them if they got the tape they would be our guests for tonight. And that’s the way it went. They got in,no problem, enjoyed the show AND got their autographs they wanted.

After the show, drove back to the hotel and had a couple of beers with Daddyo, Traci (his wife, who flew out to do Mech. in NyC), Rusty and Chapple. Watched CHRIS ROCK on tv, which was very very funny. Don’t know if Euros would get it but I think Americans with a sense of humor would probably get a kick out of some of the stuff he was saying.

And then, tired as can be, showered and hit the hay. I was so tired, Sheep were counting me…and all I could think about was the smiles on the philly crowd…their love of the music…every city we went to, it was like that. And they makes ya feel good in a big way, to be a part of this production. Thank you.

Mike Randle


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