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Mike Randle


“Day 7, part 1: almost to Idaho”
July 29 2002

Well, it’s noon and we’re gonna grab a bite somewhere about 90 miles west of the Idaho border. The drive through Wenatchee mountains was breathtaking. I’m in the cargo van with Chapple driving and daddyo and rusty are in the passenger van ahead of us. Rusty and I goof off with text messages when we get board. Chapple and I are listening to Tom Waits’ “Nighthawks at the diner” and just relaxing. We have 2 days to get to Minnesota. But we’ve done this drive before and it’s a really great scenic ride. After last night’s show, we all went to gene’s room to drink and hang out. gene said, “party in my room!” Arthur was hanging out with leon hendrix and I think Chris was hanging with some friends (chris used to live in seattle).

We got our wake-up calls at 8am this morning, which was tough because I went to sleep at 3am..ouch! Since Chris and Arthur are flying, they got to sleep till noon….no fair, man. Last night’s show was so fun and the place we played, the Expereince Music Project, is truly a site to see…simply amazing…you have to visit it to really understand what I mean.

So we figure to drive for about 12 hours, which would put us somewhere in the middle of montana. But if this were Europe, you could drive from norway to france in the same amount of time! lots of “good ol boys”, guns, and catfish in montana. A lot of the woman have the same haircut (the jersey flip..know that one?) and wear those shirs that say stuff like “You can’t be first but you can be next”, which is almost as nice as this british girl’s shirt in london that said,”mind holding my bag while I snog your mate?” And for those of you not in the know, snogging is making out. it’s SHAGGING that refers to the wild thing. My buddy, Barry, is always finding a stray in a bar somewhere and winds up either snogging or shagging….he cracks me up and I hope he doesn’t get mad at me for blowing his cover. But, hey, he and Rusty and R got so friggin drunk about 4 years ago…no, maybe longer than that. But, he’s irish, so drinking 3 shots to him is like a glass of milk to most everyone else…but Barry’s a huge Arthur Lee fan and is one of those people that will fly to a show, if you can believe that! If you can’t, ask Scully!!!!

Well, exit 220 off the 90 interstate hwy is coming up. It’ll be catfish and string beans or chicked fried steak and biscuits covered in gravy…or whatever Flo is serving today…”Say, where’s ya’llz band from? well, flo, we’re from Los Angeles.”Ya’llz band ever see famous people like Regis?” Um, flo, Ithink regis is in new york.

Stuff like that…on day 7 of the LOVE WITH ARTHUR LEE north American tour.

Mike Randle