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“Day 7, part 2: BLAME CANADA”
July 29 2002

Arthur’s atty called for Gene but on my cell so I answered it and we talked for a bit about the Vancouver incident. He assured me that Arthur has nothing on his record that would prevent any country for rusing entry. Now, I hate to use the “R” word and play the race card, but after witnessing that scene in Vancouver, I completely believe they treated us that way because Arthur is black. Now, I would never say that if I didn’t think it. You have to know me to understand what I ‘m saying. And, if you really see that stuff upclose, you can recognise the hate and spite in some people. Just the way they want to stop you and prove their authority. And that’s terrible because Canada is known for just the opposite. You can walk around a suburb in Toronto and there will be 10 different nationalities-run restaurants. A Jamaican shop next to an indian shop. It really is a melting pot. But then you get to the pacific northwest where a friggin RACE CAR 500 bullsh*t is going on and they’re letting in every red neck harvey in the whole state of Washington thru the border.

Of course, we didn’t even plan to stay the night; we planned to leave at 10pm and drive 15 miles back to wellingham, WA. But the border monkies couldn’t even do that much. Which also makes me wonder, what kind of tattle-tale sets out to work such a crappy job like that? I mean, what kind of societal rejects aspire to work in an environment like that?

Ok, I’ve said my peace. I think there was certainly something fishy going on. Anyway, its all being worked out with lawyers even as I write this so we don’t expect any future problems in Canada. Speaking of Canada, I could use a Creamore Springs right about now…it’s 80 degrees in Idaho and i’m thirsty…

Mike Randle


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