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Mike Randle


July 29 2002

We finally stopped driving after 12 hours on the road and settled on Bozeman, Montana, as our stop for the night. We’re actually about the halfway point between Seattle and Minneapolis and “only” have about 1,000 miles to go.

So we settle in at a nice little cozy hotel called the “TLC INN.” And no, TLC was not performing at the hotel. Now, there ain’t really nothin’ in this town except hotels, motels, pizza joints and truck stop gas stations. By the way, if you are hungry and driving across the USA, do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat anywhere that says “Restaurant and Truck Stop eatery” and try to avoid any place that also has showers.

So, we got our rooms and then everyone met up at daddyo’s room and we ordered pizza from papa John’s down the street. Chapple looked at the menu and decided the best deal was the COWBOY SPECIAL. NOW, THE COWBOY SPECIAL is 3 large pizzas with 2 toppings each for $17.99…but then Chapple changed his mind and we got 2 large pizzas instead, since I don’t particularly care WHAT THE HELL is on a pizza, I let those guys decide.

So, I’m hanging here, drinking an ice cold one. There’s really nothing to do here but wait for the sun to come back up and hit the road. Also, I got an e-mail from the FREEDOM man telling me there were 2,000 hits Sunday on the website for my diaries!!!! Wow, thanks! And also, thanks again…can’t say it enough…thanks again to Brad and his lovely lady for the Pyramid Hefe after last night’s show in Seattle. And, again, to those amazing Canadian fans who DROVE FROM VANCOUVER to the show last night…and Michelle (another cannuck!) who says she’s got Arthur’s back…so I think there’s no stopping this tour!

Mike Randle


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