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“Dear Mike, what are your favorite things?”
Oct 20 2002

Kirk Gibson '88
Kirk Gibson ’88

I got a really sweet e-mail from a young person in Norway asking me about what I like, which is a nice departure from some of the stuff I usually get…so I will write this out this one time and if any of you get too bore feel free to grab a pillow…

City & Year born: Los Angeles, Nov 18, 1966 (I just LOOK younger…) Favorite color: navy blue Favorite poet: Nipsy Russell (or Ezra Pound…) Least likely place to find you: Church Most likely place to find you: A Bar Best Moment in your life: when my son was born (or when Kirk Gibson hit that game winning homerun in ’88 to give the Dodgers the win over the Oakland A’s in game 1 of the World Series) Worst moment in your life: when I asked “Evie” for her phone number in 8th grade and she said “no.” I walked her home and everything. She wore the cutest sweaters and her “no” broke my heart. I’ve never been the same. If you were President you’d: make lobotomies mandatory for all Republicans. If you were the Pope you’d: Hire 30 18-year old assistants and make it mandatory that they have at least 5 different “cheers” for me when I enter the room. What do you like most about playing music with LOVE: What I like most is seeing people smile when they hear us play music. what would you do if you could decide if there was a war or not: I say let the world leaders get into a boxing ring and fight themselves. It should be mandatory. Have you ever fallen in love: Sober? How would you describe “love”: Love is a zero score in tennis. You joke alot but do you think you hide a sensitive side I do. I am quite sensitive. and you think I would know better, writing some of the stuff I write, but I can’t help it…I’m kinda looney, I spose… what do you prefer to eat: I like everything, really. I love it all. I mean, I really enjoy a good steak. If you are a vegetarian, great. leave that steak on the table for me. Do you ever cry: everytime I’m in vegas. When you play Guitar, do you feel something bigger than you, like God: No. I think that’s reserved for really good guitarist like Adam Marsland. What, to you, is the perfect world: To me, the perfect world is a world where people can surf without polluted water, where a guy can take a leak without lifting the damn seat, where a woman be president and where everyone has free cable. These, to me, are what would make a perfect world. Automatic capaccino numbers on your forehead that gets read when you walk thru the door. Free Beer forever; why are we paying for beer? Free dope for those who need or really want it. Wanna get high? here, have some of mine! I say, free friggin everything…we have been paying way to long and WAY TOO much.

So, Ms. Oslo, that’s me in a nutshell. it ain’t pretty, but at least it’s free.

Mike Randle


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