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“Scottish Keith is coming to San Francisco, hide the sheep, uh…I mean BOOZE!”
Oct 19 2002

Just found out that Scottish LOVE fan, Paul Barr’s mate, KIETH, is coming to the SF show. I told him, under no circumstances is he to drink…only kidding! He’s going to be my personal guest because those guys treated us so nicely when we were in Glasgow. And they were TANKED. See, thing about paul and his buddies, they never met a drink they didn’t like. And Keith is certainly no exception. We go onstage Sunday (After Peter Tork tells some jokes, I think?) around 5pm and then we’re off at 5:30 so that gives Keith and I ample time afterwards to throw some pints down the old hatch.

I guess he’s on a work assignment that JUST SO HAPPENS to coincide with this Summer of Love Festival. Speaking of which, I don’t see the Grateful Dead’s name OR Jefferson Airplane’s ANYWEHRE on the poster? Oh, I see, it’s MEMBERS performing. Ok. Where? As who? I’m just curious. But at least it’s a Free Benefit, right? Wait. FREE. BENEFIT. Free AND a Benefit? Tells you how much I know. Well, we’re gonna do our best to play the people some fine tunes, make the most of our 25 minutes up there. Hopefully, Keith will still be standing. I mean, I know it’s only 25 min. n all but he is Scottish you know the Scots; they like to drink, though they won’t embarrass you as much as the Irish, who won’t embarrass you as much as the English! So, I’m really looking forward to flying up there especially knowing someone from my home-away-from-home (The United Kingdom) will be there to cheer us on, even if he is drunk off his arse.

Mike Randle


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