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“Time to let the music do the talkin’”
November 26, 2002

I got an e-mail from an old friend yesterday. She asked why hasn’t there been any diaries. I didn’t know what to say. There’s been so much going on lately, musically and otherwise, that I just sort of got behind in things. But I always go to the LOVE message board and see what’s going on. The FC tour is only 6 weeks away and after that tour, we (as LOVE) probaly won’t hit the UK again until mid-summer.

When we return to the USA from the UK, we’ll probably continue to work on the LOVE record as well as some baby Lemonade songs. And in late march/early april, Baby Lemonade will be touring the UK (aprox. March 27-April 8), including Scotland, for goodness sakes, Lads!

We are counting on you to come to a show near your town or feel thy wrath!…so figure fun fun fun this spring. And who knows what we may pull out in our set? (or who may show up to jam with us on stage?)

We’ll have York’s favorite sons, The Halcyon band, supporting all the dates. We are trying to keep busy (if you can’t tell!) for 2003. Also, the MIKE RANDLE solo record, “Travel Songs” is near completion and i am in the process of working it out so that UK/EURO folk can buy it (via mail) from a point in the UK and therefore won’t have to wait a week for USA post service. I shall post both addresses very soon. My goal is to make this extra special for all who are thinking of making a purchase. I am, for the moment, side-stepping the corporate backstabbing music business and taking it directly to the people. Many claim such a feat, few live to talk about it…

Ok, but jokes aside, this F.C. production is going to just knock your socks off. I only wish it was a longer tour so we could play about 25 more cities. But that would only happen if the ticket prices were jacked up sky high. And what’s the point of that?

We are certainly thinking big with this tour but, I want to go back and play the places that really treated us right, and take strings and horns there. Places like Cleveland and Detroit, NYC and Chicago. SF and Seattle. Amsterdam and Oslo or madrid and Paris. I want to give them the best. There are more cities. And we do the best we can, working around the logistics that exist. But if we’re not in your town and that’s unacceptable to you, I say go to your local venue/promoter and demand the music you have become so accustomed to hearing this summer. Except for nothing less.

Mike Randle


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