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“The Diary returns from a much needed holiday!
Oct 14 2002”

Grace Slick

Imagine the sound of yawns and stretching and that would be me. Good to be back with the Diary but I must say, it’s been a little tight with all the projects (writing, rehearsing, drinking) I’m involved with. However, I did return home to find out that we’re playing in SF sunday with The Dead and Jeff Air. And that can’t be bad, right? I wonder if Grace can still do it but then I think to myself that of course she can still do it; she’s GRACE SLICK, man! Funny how all the brummie and Madchester chicks put “Man” at the end of every sentence…almost like Jamaicans! I mean, I find it cool. “You guys were really good tonight, man.” “What time is your show tomorrow, man.” That kinda stuff.

Also, I was being silly and defensive (my feelings were hurt…sniff sniff) about Jason and I apologize for my attempts to turn the message board into a soap opera. Speaking of the M.B., I never go there, really. But Madame Natasha sent me an e-mail and my face got red. But she’s a staunch defender of LOVE and a big Man United fan so I wouldn’t mess with her…

So sunday morning I’m on a flight to SF to play this show and I’m curious about it all. Maybe you are too? It’s the summer of love but it’s October…hmmm…ok, it’s summer in Tahiti! Either way, it’s for a good cause and lots of people and probably free food and stuff.

Nice of Jazmaan to answer the questions Linda posed so “diplomatically. ” But, ya gotta love a Gal that just comes right out sez what’s on her mind. Of course, those kinds of gals can really get a guy in trouble, which i think if the perfect time for me to state that i am becoming a monk. Ok, I’m not becoming a monk…but for a minute there, as I was writing “I’m becoming a monk”, I wanted to become a monk, just for a second, though.

Ok, so I think I will go back to the “Countdowns” and type up shows 42,43 &44 (all in Spain…) and then maybe check CNN to make sure the War hasn’t started without my knowledge.

Mike Randle


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