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“The FOREVER CHANGES train is-a-rollin’… got yer ticket and WHERE THE HECK IS SCULLY??”
Oct 4 2002

I don’t know about you but we’re all really excited about the FC tour. The SINGER and his management are planning many great things to make this one of the true special musical events of 2003, bar none. Besides working on the new material, we are also tightening up the old catalog, adding more songs and running through the FC material. I think you can expect to hear a few new songs in a few month’s time. I mean, it’s already October. In 3 months we board a plane for London…IN JANUARY…god help us!

Wow, the message board was down for a spell but i just revisited and I saw a nice note from an old friend, Rebecca. We saw her at our DOUBLE DOOR show in Chicago back in early August but didn’t get a chance to chat. her, her x-hubbie, Eric and us were good friends. Used to hang out and listen to records at our friend (here’s that name again), DAN EPSTIEN’s house. But she moved back to Chi-town (or, as they call it…SHI-CAH-GOE) AND WE HADN’T SEEN HER IN OVER 6 YEARS..so it was cool to see her.

I’ve gotten quite a few complaints on the Coach House REAMIN’ folks on $17 overcooked MANDATORY dinners and $7 beers. What’s up with that? Jazmaan complained that his Swordfish was overcooked..and mine was too but I didn’t pay for mine. Somebody oughta say something to the cook. I had a good time at the coach house…Hey..can anyone tell me what’s up with Scully?

Mike Randle


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