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“100F degrees, but who’s counting?”
June 16, 2003

After a much needed break the diary felt like Vegas would be just what the doctor ordered and the doctor was spot on! Unfortunately, I’ve been on a losing streak but fortunately I have been betting conservatively and just trying to have a good time.

Got to LAX yesterday around 10 am and of course it’s simply a mess as usual; security searching old ladies while all kinds of people go thru with no check at all. After I got thru security and put my shows, belt and hat back on, put my money back in pocket and made sure no one knicked my billfolder, I made my way to the mexican area where I had a decent taco salad and a corona.

The flight was supposed to be 1 hour and 5 minutes but I found that simply incredible; Vegas is 288 miles (about 400 Kilometers) from LA and the plane flies at about 450 miles per hour, sometimes even 500MPH. But everytime I fly to las Vegas they say some rediculous number like that. Guess what? We got their in 40 min. As we’re about to land the captain says, “Turns out we’re 20 min early.” Really?

Checked into the Monte Carlo around 1pm and then waited for Ringo and his lot to arrive. Went to the Monte Carlo pub (where they brew their own beer) and had a few 22 oz Hefeweisens. I was really doing alright by that time. Around 3pm Ringo arrived and after they checked in, we hit the pool, where there were alot of people and it was atleast 100F.

The swim felt good and there were some nice looking girls around the pool but nothing to write home about. Drinks were way over priced. $7 Margaritas. Ouch.

After that, we headed to the sports booking room where I wagered $60 with 11-to-10 odds that The New Jersey Nets would lose by no more than 7 points. Now if they won, great, I win. If they lose by more than 7, I lose. With those odds I would be paid $54.50 + my original $60.00. I was taking it easy. And it looked like I had it in the bag UNTIL THE 4TH QUARTER WITH FIVE MINUTES LEFT. The Damn Nets couldn’t even keep it close. Gme six of the NBA finals, the DECIDING GAME, no less, and they folded like a tent. They were lobbing airballs all over the place. Missing shots left and right. CLANK. CLANK. CLANK. I saw my $60 fly away. The start player for the Nets, Kenyon Martin, was a real disappointment. I couldn’t believe the shots this guy was missing.Damn. 7 points. Why couldn’t they just lose by 6 and be done with it?

After that, headed to Emeril’s Seafood Restauraunt for some Gumbo and a salad. Both were great and the Merlot was AMAZING but next time I oughta ask how much a glass of the house wine is. it was $12! Ouch. Played some slots after that and the Vegas night was still 94F at 11pm. I looked out my window and focussed on the night lights and thought about that $60.

Mike Randle


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