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“A Rock and Roll Tuesday”
July 30, 2003

Well, the Diary had the pleasure of checking out Rusty’s new gig at the BITTER REDHEAD last night. What can I say ‘cept it was AWESOME! Rusty played drums and sang back-ups (excellent backing vox, I might mention!) while Sam Jones (Wilco documentary director) played guitar and sang. Also in the group was the amazing RUSS on pedal steel (he plays on Rusty’s solo record), David “Cookiehead” Jenkins on bass and some guy who looked like the white afro’d guy from ROOM 222 on lead guitar and co-lead vox.

I had a blast, starting out with the bottle of Pacifica I nursed until Rusty recommended the Sierra Nevada on tap and, unless you’ve had it on tap you can’t appreciate this kind of ale. The band started about 9:30 and friends and strangers began to file in. I saw my pals, Jose and Brian and also Andrew Sandoval, Jonathan Lea (from The JigSaw Seen) and even (LOVE soundman) Pete Magdaleno was in the area having a brew and enjoying the festivities.

Earlier in the night I’d stopped at FORMOSA for a couple and ran into local comedian, Paul F. Tomkins, who I used to think wasn’t very funny. I want to change that…he’s VERY funny. I just didn’t get it. Sometimes, the Diary just doesn’t ‘get it’. And the Diary admits it. Cause the Diary just has SO many things to do like decide which beer to drink.

So, after the BITTER REDHEAD first set, I stopped by Benitos for 3 carne asadas which were spot on but killed my stomach, as it was really late. Hit the hay around midnight and had strange dreams all night involving the singer of Republica (she wouldn’t stop singing that, “Baby I’m ready to go” song), Suzy Kolber (from ESPN) and that lead chick from Destiny’s Child. Whew, rough night, that one. And I guess this diary should end so I can practice guitar, as we are recording tomorrow…something new, nothing old. And, I think it’s as good a time as any to announce that the DIARY now has an EDITOR. No more annoying grammatical errors. Because we care.

Mike Randle


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