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“A sit down with Shepard Smith”
February 15, 2003

For those of you not in the know, Shepard Smith is FOX NEWS Channel’s dynamic, sexy anchor with the southern drawl. His politics are to the right (he’s on Fox, need I even say he’s to the right?) but he actually has a sense of humor, as the interview below will attest to.

Mike: Glad you could take the time out for me, Shep!
Shep: No problem, Mike. How’s the tour going?
Mike: Great…great…say…let’s get this thing started. Are we going to war or what… and can it be averted?
Shep: We are going to war and no it cannot be averted. Saddam’s going to be disarmed. It’s gonna happen sooner rather than later.
Mike: Do you feel FOX NEWS slants its coverage in favor of going to war and prefers not to show any constructive criticism of Mr. Bush? I mean, it can’t be ALL in Bush’s favor, right?
Shep: Why not! I think Bush is doing a great job. He’s doing what America wants and what the world will come to appreciate.
Mike: Um…FOX released a poll showing that 50% of Americans support Bush in this war. Not only is that not a great sign, but it’s down from 68%. That sounds like a story to me but I guess the folks at FOX have better things to do…
Shep: Like our special on the new Army Guns!
Mike: Precisely. I think you know what I mean. I would think it would be to Bush’s benefit to sit back and let the U.N. do their thing so Bush could be in a position to invade in 3 or 4 months. it would be tough to go against the USA if the U.N. were allowed to exhaust themselves so that there would be no doubt. But instead…
Shep: Bush is jumping up and down every other day… yeah, we know, we know! We wish he’d chill.. but, we love him so much…I mean… we’re doing all we can to spin this thing and keep it going. The president doesn’t help much with his speeches.
Mike: It’s funny because in Europe you don’t get the American, propaganda-media spin machine and most of them don’t use English as a first language and even THEY get sick of Bush using the same words over and over. He sounds like a broken record…
Shep: Yes, it drives Fred Barnes crazy!
Mike: Speaking of Fred, he publishes the (conservative magazine) WEEKLY STANDARD but also is one of your regular contributors… and funny thing, the Weekly Standard does a lot of advertising on FOX…
Shep: (big grin) No connection there!
Mike: So, we go into Iraq, open up a 6-pack of whup-ass and chase Saddam out of town. Then what?
Shep: Well, the ideal situation is to install democracy there and hope other countries see it as a good thing and change their regimes as well. Plus, having our hands on that Oil doesn’t hurt any either!
Mike: So you think it’s our responsibility to change their government? Shep: Sure. Mike: Do you honestly think Iraq is a serious threat and you know what I mean by serious- to the USA?
Shep: Hmmm. Honestly? Well, I would feel more comfortable having them on our and the U.N. sites on a full-time basis. This would make other rogue nations very concerned about getting caught doing something like building bombs and such. But on the other hand, I do love to kick some ass and this is the perfect opportunity to sweep the cable ratings. Fox News, by the way, is the #1 rated news cable station. America’s choice.
Mike: So I hear, so I hear. So, in your opinion, the idea of peacefully resolving this is slim to none?
Shep: Peacefully what? Mike, you’re losing it, pal. WE ARE GOING TO KICK SOME ASS. I just wish we’d stop dancing with the U.N. Screw those Euros, ya know?
Mike: Then why not just bomb them tomorrow? IF France is talking about blocking the war vote NO MATTER WHAT and Bush is talking about bombing Baghdad REGARDLESS OF WHAT HANS BLIX SAYS, what the heck are we waiting on?
Shep: I think Colin Powell is probably the problem there. He’s the one person in the administration that constantly gets in the president’s way.
Mike: But he seems to be the only voice of reason. Fleischer is a puppet, Rumsfield is a jerk and Ashcroft is a fascist-and say all that respectfully. Where would we be if Powell wasn’t the secretary of state?
Shep: Well, for one thing, Irag would be a parking lot right now.
Mike: Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks a lot for making yourself available, Shep.
Shep: Anytime, Mike. You know I read the Diaries religiously.
Mike: Last question. So do you think the president’s popularity with the American public, once we go to war, will go up and return to where it was after 911?
Shep: If they’re watching FOX NEWS CHANNEL!

Shepard Smith’s “FOX NEWS REPORT” can be seen Monday through Friday, 4 pm to 5 pm, on the Fox News Channel.

Mike Randle


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